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Ralph said:
Thursday, 4 Sep 2014
From years of face eczema, my complexion has become dull. I would welcome suggestions on how to "get my glow back" either with moisturizers, sunscreens or other creams. Most sunscreens irritate my face. I've used Vanicream Sport suncreen for years but the new ingredients dull my complexion. Thank you.
Ella said:
Monday, 16 May 2011
I have rosacea. I get lots of blushing, spots and burning sensations on my cheeks. This is new to me and I'm struggling a little with it. I'm really hoping your newsletter will be helpful. Thank you
Han said:
Thursday, 17 Feb 2011
Hi! I'm a Chinese girl. I bought an SKINHELP essential oil yesterday. The label says:fat reduce essential oil.Can you tell me when should I use this?In the morning,afternoon,or night?And how often should I use it ? I used it on my legs at night but soon I felt hot and spicy. Is that normal? Or I shouldn't use it anymore ? Thanks, your loyal friend, HanXue.
Hend said:
Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010
It's really helpful and cool
Leisa said:
Monday, 28 Jun 2010
I think whoever made this site r fantastic & want to give themselves a well earned patt on the back
Har said:
Sunday, 6 Jun 2010
This is a very informative site. It is an excellent way of giving helpful information to those who need it. Thanks ever so much. Har
Monica said:
Tuesday, 27 Apr 2010
Fantastically informative site, carry on the good work!
Gener said:
Thursday, 11 Feb 2010
...very informative and educating. Keep up!!!
Peter said:
Thursday, 28 Jan 2010
No comments thank you.
Henry said:
Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009
Very clear and concise information thank you
Maree said:
Wednesday, 7 Oct 2009
Looking forward to receiving your wonderful informative newsletters.
Oluwatosin said:
Thursday, 16 Jul 2009
Well I belive you all are doing great work keep the flag moving higer.
Omabe said:
Sunday, 12 Jul 2009
Just like to say your website is amazingly helpful! Some really good articles on here and I'll be recommending it to my friends. Thanks a lot.
Shelle said:
Saturday, 30 May 2009
This website has really helped me understand my skin condition, so glad I googled it going straight too doctors and maybe dermotoligist .
Friday, 20 Mar 2009
What a great site look forward to reading your newsletter