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Take a Step Back to Heal Problem Skin

By: Guest Article - Updated: 13 Apr 2017 | comments*Discuss
Skin Conditions Psoriasis Eczema

Whilst conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea might present differently on the surface of the skin, the underlying causes very often bear striking similarities. Triggers can include stress, emotional distress, medication and specific foods, all of which can set off or exacerbate a skin problem.

For minor skin conditions doctors will initially prescribe steroid based creams or heavy hydrating emollients. Whilst these can offer relief in the short term, long term use can lead to damaged and thinning skin. Stronger medication can be prescribed for moderate to severe long term skin conditions. These medications often work by directly targeting the immune system, suppressing it to prevent the over zealous response which presents itself as psoriasis on the surface of the skin. For skin conditions such as psoriasis, there is no known medical cure. Doctors can only offer solutions which will put the disease into remission, flare ups will very often continue or worsen once medication is stopped.

Emotional wellbeing and your skin

Diet, stress and emotional wellbeing are finally being much more considered when it comes to treating skin conditions. Elimination diets, such as avoiding dairy, have been shown to be incredibly effective when it comes to healing disease. The skin is our largest organ of detoxification so it stands to reason that if something is wrong on the inside, it can reflect on the outside as our body battles to cleanse toxins.

Even seemingly healthy foods such as tomatoes, potatoes and peppers, which form part of the nightshade family, can trigger a negative response in people with autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis. In some people, foods in this plant group are thought to initiate an immune system overreaction, the alkaloids they contain are seen as a threat by the immune system which springs into action to defend the body from a perceived threat. This overreaction promotes inflammation and in turn an erratic overproduction of cells on the surface of the skin

Food elimination doesn't mean deprivation!

There is nothing more depressing than eliminating a myriad of foods from your diet only to be left with the option of chickpeas and lettuce leaves! Treating skin conditions by food elimination is not about deprivation. Instead I love to concentrate on the wide variety of plant focused foods that massively benefit the healing process. Spices such as turmeric and particular foods including shiitake mushrooms have demonstrated incredible immune regulating properties, making them super powerful when it comes to healing autoimmune conditions.

How "time out" can help your skin

In today's hectic world, taking time out to focus on our own health and wellbeing can yield amazing results on both a mental and physical level. Stress can have an incredibly acidic affect on the body. It promotes internal inflammation. Combating stress is often much more difficult than making a dietary change. Eliminating certain food groups or drinking more water is very tangible. Being ‘less stressed’ is not quite as simple. We get stressed, the stress exacerbates the skin condition, we stress about the skin condition … and so the cycle continues.

Taking a step back to reevaluate your lifestyle can most certainly help. Even a short break from a stressful routine can assist in refocusing energy. The body needs strength and stability to heal. Radiant Retreats are designed to break that unproductive, negative stress cycle. By taking time out to relax, practice meditation and yoga and nourish cells with a huge variety of anti-inflammatory foods, the body and in turn the skin, can gain strength to begin the healing process.

When it comes to natural skin healing remedies centred around yoga, meditation and nutrition, healing speeds can vary. For some healing is immediate and the body and skin respond very quickly to the new regime. For others the process is much more gradual. There is no magic pill, but this is a permanent solution to many skin conditions, not the temporary remission offered by suppressant medication. Radiant Retreats are designed to offer the tools you need to feel empowered to begin a complete lifestyle overhaul and return to good health and glowing skin.

About Hanna

Hanna Sillitoe struggled with severe psoriasis and eczema for over 20 years. A complete lifestyle and diet overhaul offered her a cure and she made it her mission to help other people to take the first steps on the same journey. Hanna's aim with Radiant Retreats is to create an environment where everybody feels completely at ease, whether they're struggling with fatigue, problem skin, weight loss, weight gain, allergies or just a nagging feeling of needing to make a commitment to change.

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